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Customer satisfaction is one of the keys to success. One aspect that greatly affects customer satisfaction is how effectively and empathetically customer complaints are handled.

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Hosted DID

Provide instant DID as a product of telecommunication services offered to customers throught the internet connection by using session intiation protocol (SIP) technology. SIP technology provides good sound quality, easy to manage users, and support and monitor effective.

Cloud Call Center

Cloud Call Centre Service is using server that accessible from anywhere removing geography distance. There are several benefits: Reduce costs and improve ROI, provide better experiences and employee empowerment, optimize agent efficiency, improve scalability and flexibility.

SIP Trunk

SIP Trunk is a connection to the IP PBX, with connections using IP more flexible and using various media.


Devices switching of telephone and data communication based on internet Protocol (IP), which regulates the extension analog telephone (TDM) and IP-Phone extension.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual receptionist is a cloud based IVR system which routes all the customer calls to the right department/extension. it stays available to your customer 24x7.


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About Trada

PT. Trada Telekom Indonesia is one comprehensive enterprise solution provider (total solution) in the field of telecomunications. The Company was established on March 1, 2012.

Our Product
Hosted DID, CLoud Call Centre, SIP Trunk, IPPBX, Virtual Receptionist

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